First class of making Pickle.

Irrespective of what place or country you live in, what religion you practice and what culture you follow, this is something one learns only from mother, I believe. The legacy of making pickle is passed down from a mother to daughter and then down to her daughter, carrying the essence of their roots. As I… Continue reading First class of making Pickle.

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The Painting

One day a painter decided to create something intricate and beautiful. But what could he really paint was the question! Each day the painter would sit vacantly starring his white board for hours, gathering all his energy to think. At times he would start stroking colours but would coldly stop and discard the board, rejectingly.… Continue reading The Painting

fashion and grooming

The curly Hair mess

Wondering what to do with that curly hair that tends to look like haystack on most of the days? The only secret is let your hair be the way it is. Trust me, I envied people with straight shiny hair as it is found to be a character of "beauty". But no, beautiful is what… Continue reading The curly Hair mess


Do you know your Tea?

Kulhad Chai/ Tea After having it almost everyday, it was only this morning that I looked at my tea questioningly like 'man where do you really come from?' ' and why the hell you have become so important to me?' Of course the Tea stayed silent glaring me back in my face, no matter whatever… Continue reading Do you know your Tea?